Tear Away & Mud Set Case Study: University of Toledo

Toledo, OH

The $40 million mixed-use, Ottawa House dormitory at the University of Toledo was designed by GBBN Architects. The Ottawa House features an extensive dining facility and cafe to accommodate the needs of 600 students. The ground level also features Residence Life offices to encourage mixed-use programs at the university. To help the dormitory maintain its superior interior finish throughout the years, Trim-Tex Drywall Products were installed.

To protect the interior finish of the high-traffic dormitory, Trim-Tex Mud Set Rigid Low Profile was installed. Trim-Tex Patented Mud Lock Technology provides a stronger bond than standard metal corner bead and can withstand extreme impact.

The windows at the Ottawa House were finished with Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away Bead. The tear away edge protects the windows from excess mud during installation and creates a clean finished edge while reducing labor.