Introducing Sound Gasket, a Trailblazing Sound Rated Drywall Accessory

SoundGasket_1080x1080_SocialPostWhat if you never had to touch acoustical sealant again, and could achieve the same soundproofing requirements with a product that won’t shrink or harden over time the way sealant so often does? Sounds like music to our ears! So that’s why we couldn’t be more excited to introduce our latest product, the most advanced drywall accessory for soundproofing on the market: Sound Gasket.

What Is Sound Gasket?

Much like its firestopping counterpart, Fire Gasket, Sound Gasket is a fairly foolproof accessory, easily installed and easily inspected. Trim-Tex’s top-of-the-line vinyl — which, for this product, is a unique shade of blue — makes this product dent-resistant and rust-proof, usable on both dynamic and static joints.

Sound Gasket will provide you the same STC rating as acoustical sealant, with none of the drawbacks. Once installed, you’ve got a soundproofing solution built to last.

Introducing Sound Gasket, a Trailblazing Sound Rated Drywall Accessory“Sound Gasket provides an unbreakable seal against uneven surfaces and remains permanently flexible for the life of the assembly,” says Trim-Tex Research & Development Consultant Don Pilz, who has been instrumental in developing this product, as well as our entire family of fire rated drywall accessories. “Sound Gasket installs fully cured and will not harden, shrink or crack, to provide long-term, unsurpassed sound protection.”

How Sound Gasket Works

Sound Gasket is made up of rigid vinyl, with a bubble-shaped gasket on the outside corner that will compress against uneven concrete to form a seal that suppresses sound transmissions. And on the lower leg, you’ll find a pressure-sensitive foam tape with a tearaway release paper; once you remove that strip of paper, you’re ready to install, with no installation temperature or humidity restrictions. See the below video for more information on how to install Sound Gasket.

Sound Gasket — along with our line of the first-ever UL fire rated drywall accessories — represent a big step forward for Trim-Tex, by combining the premiere PVC drywall corner bead that we’ve been perfecting over the past 51 years with cutting-edge technology for preventing the spread of smoke and sound. We’re dedicated to Contractor Newsletter Sound Gasket Updatehelping contractors get their projects up to code much more painlessly, with products that will last a lifetime (and then some!), and can’t wait to see how loud a noise Sound Gasket will make.

Sound Gasket is now available and shipping from our Lincolnwood, IL headquarters, as well as our California distribution warehouse! You can request a sample here, or hit the button below!