Soft or Sharp Drywall Corners: Which Should You Choose?

To the untrained eye, a drywall corner just looks like a corner — no more, no less. But to a drywall finisher, there are so many small details and nuances on corners that, when you add them all up, can influence the entire look of an interior space. This is especially true when it comes to the choice between soft or sharp drywall corners. This decision may not seem like a major one to someone who doesn’t work in finishing, but can make a huge impact on the finished design of a home or commercial project.

So what are we talking about when we talk about soft or sharp drywall corners?

Sharp or soft drywall corners — which will you choose?
Sharp or soft drywall corners — which will you choose?
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Soft-profile corner beads feature a slightly rounded nose that allow for a lighter touch to drywall corners. These vinyl beads are easily installed using a little bit of 847 Spray Adhesive and some half-inch staples. If you’re new to the word of vinyl corners, having only ever used the less effective metal kind, you’ll have no problem picking up these beads and installing them like a pro in no time.

For these reasons, soft-profile beads are the most commonly used 90-degree corners out there, and have been Trim-Tex’s bread and butter for many, many years. Finishers love them because they’re easy to use, dependable and familiar.

Soft drywall corner beads include our flagship standard Corner Bead & Archway, as well as its larger form, the Jumbo Corner Bead & Archway. Soft profiles don’t just come in a 90-degree shape, though — for obtuse angles, go for the Outside Splayed Corner Bead and its own Jumbo variation.

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Sharp-profile corner beads, meanwhile, are for those seeking a more modern look, and more innovative methods of installing them. These beads’ sharp, rigid noses provide pointier corners that set you up beautifully for smooth level-five finishes, while using less mud to achieve them.

Architects especially love the look of these sharp profiles, which is why you’ll find them in most new, contemporary houses. Plus, if you’re going for more modern and minimalist designs, sharp corners like the Rigid Low Profile Corner Bead will better align with stylish touches like reveals, shadows and flush baseboards. Additional advantages of sharp profiles are their easier transition lines for painting two or more wall colors, and easier transitions from wallpaper on one side of a wall to paint on the other.

There’s also more variety available with sharp-profile corner beads. You’ve got the previously mentioned Rigid Low Profile Corner Bead and its Jumbo form, but you’ve also got the Mud Set Rigid bead that provides unequaled durability and a mechanical-fastener-free installation method. (Mud Set Rigid Low Profile, too, has a Jumbo counterpart.) There’s a Rigid Splayed Adjustable bead to fit a range of off-angles, and another adjustable one for inside corners. Then there’s our wildly popular Fast Edge® family of corner beads — including the laminated paper-covered Fast Edge Paper — which provides the same sharp 90-degree corners as Rigid Low Profile, but also installs faster than any other corner bead on the market while using the least amount of mud. Like our Mud Set Beads, Fast Edge beads are installed using mud alone — no spray or staples required.

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When it comes to the decision between soft or sharp drywall corners, as long as you choose vinyl beads, you’ve already won. There’s no wrong choices here; it’s just a matter of how you want the finished product to look. To get started with either a soft profile like the reliable Corner Bead & Archway or the more modern Rigid Low Profile Corner Bead, hit the button below to find a trusted Trim-Tex dealer near you.

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