Shower Bead Case Study: University of Kentucky

Lexington, KY

The University of Kentucky Residential Revival project will span over five years. Once complete campus housing will expand from approximately 6,000 to 9,000 beds. Upon completion all seven buildings will be seeking LEED Silver certification.

Messer and Quality Interiors made the decision to use Shower Bead to finish the thousands of shower surrounds in this project. They made this decision for both speed and maintaining a healthy environment. Shower Bead replaces paper tape, which can be a food source for mold around shower/bath enclosures. The extra long 2¼" mud leg spans the gap between the drywall and flange, which uses less mud than filling the gap as needed with paper tape finishing. Shower Bead also features a tear away strip that protects the shower/tub flange from mud, leaving a clean crisp finished edge with no mess.

Residential student life buildings must withstand heavy foot traffic and the constant harsh environment of students moving in and out. Therefore, Mud Set Rigid Low Profile Corner Bead was used to finish all ninety-degree outside corners. This bead is meant to withstand the daily bumps and dings that cause other corner beads to kink and dent, helping to keep the residence halls looking like new.