The Rebirth of Word of Mouth Marketing

The power of social isn't just in the information you share, but in the existing connection that you have- to your industry, your brand, your products and your philosophy.Reaching potential customers isn't just about placing an ad in local newspapers anymore. One of the best ways you can connect to your audience is via social platforms. More than a billion people log on to Facebook every day.
The power of social isn’t just in the information you can share, but in the existing connection that you have — to your industry, your brand, your products, your philosophy. When you’re advertising in newspapers, consumers lack that personal connection, and often make decisions solely on price comparisons. Because social leverages connections, Facebook and other social platforms are incredibly valuable to businesses that make use of its influence.

Facebook and other social sites are where people get their news, ask for recommendations or referrals, and keep up with their favorite brands. Word of mouth is as strong as it has always been — it’s just happening in a different way.

For drywall contractors, figuring out how to make the best use of Facebook can be challenging. It all starts with just one follower, where you take it is nearly limitless. Here are a few recommendations for how to approach the biggest name in social.

Yes, pictures are still worth a thousand words

More than almost any other type of post on Facebook, pictures still capture attention and Facebook uses this to its advantage and so should you! Beautiful buildings and homes grab attention— who doesn’t love to daydream about an upgrade to their house or moving in to a newly-designed office?

Make sure to showcase a variety of drywall projects so that you’re reaching your entire user base, and pay attention to which photos are the most shared. Do you get lots of traction on unique shapes, or is your Facebook base more interested in before/after photos? Make sure you’re populating your page with content that speaks to your work and your fan base, so that your followers are excited to see what you’re up to.

be active

Also make sure to engage with your followers. When appropriate, respond to comments, ask for stories, and answer questions. Your followers will be most likely to connect with you when you approach Facebook as an opportunity for conversation, rather than a one-way advertisement.

That doesn’t mean you need to be on Facebook all day every day, but you do need to be checking once every day or so to make sure you’re responding to what people are interested in.

not all social is the same

We’ve just been talking about Facebook so far, and many of the principles of Facebook apply across social — but Facebook isn’t the only big name. How do you know what’s worth investing in? Here’s a brief look at some other options.

Pinterest — If you’ve got good photos, you should be here. Pinterest’s functionality as a digital corkboard is most effective when you have compelling images. Potential customers will pin and re-pin, sharing your content over and over again. Before/after images of projects can be especially compelling.

Instagram — Another platform focused on images, however this platform supports more of the kinds of images that may be seen as a bit rough around the edges. Show your work before you start and every stage in-between, don’t forget the after show! Because this is real-time based post often and utilize popular hashtags in your industry to grab attention. Bonus: You can post any of you Instagram posts on Facebook, Twitter, and more with just one click.

LinkedIn — This network is really focused on professional connections — if you’re showcasing a finished product or a strategy with your peers, this is the network you should be using.

As we mentioned, word of mouth marketing isn’t dead, it has just transformed. Start documenting your work, join online groups and forums, and start sharing your professional knowledge. Social media can get word of mouth marketing working for you once again.

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