Quick Tip: Use Bullnose Molded Corners for Safer Overhanging Edges

Bulkheads — ceiling sections that are dropped down and enclosed, often found in areas like basements and kitchens — can be useful for concealing things like ductwork, pipes or wiring, but they can also lower your overall ceiling height. And then, when a bulkhead reaches really low (closer to eye level, perhaps) you may be less worried about how good your ceilings look and more worried about running head-first into those sharp corners. Well, if you’ve got one of those low overhanging bulkheads, here’s a little quick tip: use one of our 3-Way Bullnose Molded Corners to round out those edges for a safer detail.

This was the approach that our friends at Refresh Home Improvements took when a client requested softening a sharp corner of their overhanging bulkhead, without replacing any of the other elements of the bulkhead. Check out how they handled it in their video below!

Normally, for the best look, we would recommend using rounded Bullnose Corner Beads all the way along the three intersection edges of the bulkhead, which would then easily transition into a 3-Way Molded Corner. But the Tuer brothers at RHI didn’t have that luxury on this renovation job — they were asked to use as much of the existing corner bead as possible. So, in addition to the molded corner, they picked up another Bullnose accessory: our Bullnose base adapters, which make transitioning from rounded corners to 90-degree edges a breeze. Those adapters may be meant for base trim, but they got the job done here, too!

RHI Bullnose Molded Corners 2

To make their Frankenstein’d safety corner work, the Tuer boys first cut out the drywall and existing corner bead where their Bullnose accessories will be applied (allowing 6 ½” inches for the base adapters). Then the molded corner and adapters were installed using 847 Spray Adhesive and, for the adapters, half-inch staples. They applied lightweight joint compound over the adapters, and used one of our Bullnose cleaning tools to keep the outer surface of the molded corner clear. After sanding, they were ready to paint.

RHI Bullnose Molded Corners 4

Okay, the finished product may look a little like a nose made out of drywall. But by thinking outside the box, the RHI guys were able to deliver exactly what the client wanted: a safer, gentler overhanging edge for their bulkhead that won’t risk poking anyone's eye out. And, better yet, they were able to do it quickly, easily and without affecting the rest of the existing bulkhead. That’s the kind of creative work with Trim-Tex's drywall accessories we love to see!

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