Protect the Interior Finish of Buildings from Deflection

Movement in buildings is caused by different types of loads.

Buildings move. The goal of building construction is to achieve a state of static equilibrium among all the parts of a structure and the forces acting on it.  Movement in buildings is caused by different types of loads, either vertical or non-vertical, being applied to building materials, connections or assemblies.  As loads are applied, changes take place in the shape of a building’s component parts and their connection to each other.  These changes can cause internal pressure, which in turn can cause some of the components to deform or fail, resulting in cosmetic or structural damage. Depending on the type of load, various types of building movements can occur.

Deflection is one type of movement that commonly occurs in multistory buildings with concrete floors/decks. Deflection is the bending of joists, trusses or rafters associated with overloaded structures. Various interior building effects result from deflection movement. Typically, deflection causes unsightly cracks in the drywall along the inside corners where the wall meets the ceiling. Over time, deflection can worsen causing visual concerns, additional maintenance costs and structural problems.

Allowing room for the movement of materials can minimize damage from deflection. Using new construction technology and products designed to allow, absorb or resist movement gives interior finishing the best chance of enduring the life of the building. One new product designed to combat deflection is Trim-Tex Wall Mounted Deflection Bead.

Profile diagram of head of wall detail with Wall Mounted Deflection Bead.

This product features a coextruded flexible gasket that is designed to compress under deflection, preventing drywall cracks. Deflection Bead is installed at the head of wall detail, and can withstand up to 7/16” of deflection movement. If the floor system springs back up the gasket is designed to expand back up, keeping it tight against the ceiling. Trim-Tex Deflection Bead was created to protect the inside corner from cracks and pressure due to building deflection without compromising the design of the building. The product also features a tear off strip that is removed after installation, allowing the finisher to easily leave a clean straight finished mud edge.

Case studies

Wall Mounted Deflection Bead installed before drywall compound has been applied.Architects and builders across the globe are using Trim-Tex Deflection Bead in new hotels, luxury condos, retirement communities and more.

In Chicago, Denk & Roche Builders noticed inside corner cracking due to deflection in some previously built multistory buildings. To combat unsightly cosmetic damage and structural concerns, the builder installed Trim-Tex Wall Mounted Deflection Bead in two recently completed 11-story retirement community buildings.

Wall Mounted Deflection Bead can also be found in a newly constructed multistory building on Ohio State University’s campus. Cleveland Construction installed the deflection bead to combat deflection before it could ever become a problem.

The newly constructed JW Marriott Mall of America in the Twin Cities will also feature Trim-Tex Wall Mounted Deflection Bead throughout the completed building. Zintl Commercial Construction Systems is in the process of installing deflection bead as a low cost solution to prevent inside corner ceiling cracking. The revolutionary product is a permanent solution to deflection.

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