Product Spotlight: 350 Chamfer

Trim-Tex 350 Chamfer produces a crist look with great shadows.As many Trim-Tex fans know, we offer more than 11 ways to finish a corner. One of the most popular Trim-Tex corner beads is 350 Chamfer. This bead adds a ¾" wide chamfer edge, which produces a crisp look with great shadows. It is the perfect choice for homeowners who want something a little different, but nothing too bold.

Industry expert, Brian Kitchin from Drywall Nation recently worked at a job installing 350 Chamfer throughout a custom home. According to Brian, when the homeowners saw all the corner bead options to choose from they immediately knew they wanted 350 Chamfer in their new home.

350 Chamfer's simplistic, clean look, offers a unique design.

Brian agrees that 350 Chamfer is a good choice for many homeowners. “The 350 Chamfer is a great profile for those who want to try something different and unique but still want to play it safe,” Brian said. “[350 Chamfer’s] simplistic, clean look offers a unique design that doesn't draw too much attention to the eye, but you can be certain it will make a great conversation piece at your next social gathering.”
Chamfer Stop finishes shower surrounds to allow for a continious look throughout a project.

Since 350 Chamfer creates a one-of-a-kind finish, it can be important to many homeowners to keep a consistent look through the whole home. In the home Brian and his team recently worked on, they were able to achieve a consistent look throughout the house by using Chamfer Stop around shower and tub surrounds and Chamfer Splayed for offset corners. The end result was stunning! 

Affordably upgrade and transform a home with Trim-Tex 350 Chamfer.

Upgrades like this, don’t require a huge budget and can transform the look and feel of a home. Brian noted that when talking to clients he emphasizes the impact of smaller, more affordable upgrades. “Something as simple as the 350 Chamfer Bead can give your home a whole new look,” Brian said. “Of course we try to offer other drywall upgrades such as crown moldings or custom layering designs when there's a budget for it, but at the very least we always try to give our clients the option to choose a different corner bead. Something so simple can go a long way.”

Interested in 350 Chamfer? Order a sample by visiting the 350 Chamfer product page.