Most Requested Product Samples of 2019

You need the right tools to get the job done fast and efficiently. Getting free product samples into your hands is one way Trim-Tex helps solve finishing challenges. Here's a list we compiled with the most requested product samples of 2019. Have you tried all the beads on the list? Take a look back in time and see how the most requested products have changed since 2018.

#5: Deflection Bead

Untitled-3-1 diagram wall mounted deflection install

Deflection Bead prevents head-of-wall inside corner cracking. Install against a ceiling or concrete deck that may be subject to movement. Features a flexible co-extruded gasket that expands and contracts. Deflection bead is ideal for multi-story structures that experience deflection movement.

#4 Shower Bead 

shower bead profile shower bead installed Finished shower bead

Finish around shower surrounds faster & cleaner. Shower Bead replaces paper tape, a food source for mold around shower/bath enclosures. The Shower Bead keeps messy drywall mud off of shower surrounds for a clean finish.

#3 Fast Edge®

Fast Edge Family Fast Edge install photo fast edge

Save time and money by finishing drywall in fewer coats with Fast Edge® corner bead. No glue or staples required for install, just mud and done. Available with or without paper.

#2 Tear Away® Bead

tear away profile


tear off strip tear away install

Create clean finished edges terminating against any building substrate. Tear Away® Bead is designed to make finishing drywall easier and cleaner, features a patented tear off strip, available in multiple sizes and shapes.

#1 Shadow & Reveal Beads

Shadow&RevealBeads profile Reveals installed finished z shadow

Create modern details with expansion protection for less than in metal. Vinyl Shadow & Reveals beads form around curved walls without the need to custom order while also offering the same crisp rigid look of metal. Multiple shapes and sizes available in paint ready white or silver.