More Questions Trim-Tex Customer Service Gets All the Time

A couple months ago, we took a crack at answering some of the questions Trim-Tex’s awesome Customer Service team receives again and again. But the fine folks in Customer Service have kept busy (even through a global pandemic!) and we’ve only scratched the surface of the problems they hear about on a daily basis. Here are more answers to the questions customers have been blowing up their phone lines to ask.

Is Trim-Tex still open during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Like a lot of the construction industry, Trim-Tex is considered an essential business, More Questions Trim-Tex Customer Service Gets All the Time - Jasoneven while our home state of Illinois has declared a “shelter-in-place” mandate at least through the end of April. However, we’re taking this situation quite seriously, and have taken all precautions to ensure that our employees are safe, including sending a whole lot of our people away to work remotely. That said, we are still very much open for business.

Can I still reach Trim-Tex Customer Service during this time?

Again, Trim-Tex is practicing an abundance of caution to slow the spread of the More Questions Trim-Tex Customer Service Gets All the Time - Donnacoronavirus and keep our team members safe, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to start outsourcing our customer service. Our same award-winning team is still behind their desks to take your calls, emails and orders — those desks are just at their homes right now, rather than at Trim-Tex HQ (and, well, they might be in their pajamas).

Our friends in Customer Service are still active and keeping the same hours; for you, there will be no difference in the service you receive from us. As always, you can reach them at 800-874-2333 or by submitting a question here.

What about your manufacturing crew — is Trim-Tex still in stock right now?warehouse - More Questions Trim-Tex Customer Service Gets All the Time

Trim-Tex is always in stock to supply our trusted dealers with our vinyl drywall corner beads and other products. We have found creative ways to separate out our production areas to align with recommended social distancing guidelines, and provided our crews with protective equipment to stay operational and shipping out our products. 

Now, as if you haven’t heard enough about COVID-19 elsewhere, on to other questions…

What’s the shelf life of 847 Spray Adhesive?

Our 847 Spray Adhesive is the best bonding product to install Trim-Tex vinyl corner beads, and each can comes with a nice, long shelf life. A can of 847 will stay perfectly usable for about two years — but you can make it last even longer if you 847 - More Questions Trim-Tex Customer Service Gets All the Timestore it at room temperature, and far from freezing weather.

How many feet of corner bead can I install with one can of 847?

A single can of 847 Spray Adhesive will allow you to install 250 feet’s worth of corner bead if you’re using two sprays per bead (that is, spraying both the bead and the wall before application). If you’re looking for even more bang for your buck, spray the wall just one time prior to applying the bead, and you can install closer to 400 feet per can. 

How many buckets of regular mud can I get out of one bucket of Powdered Mud-Max? 

Powdered Mud Max - More Questions Trim-Tex Customer Service Gets All the TimeSpeaking of bang for your buck: according to our engineers’ math, you should be able to get 80 five-gallon buckets of traditional mud out of a single bucket of our Powered Mud-Max, provided you follow our directions to the letter.  

Are your products paintable?

All our vinyl drywall accessories are 100 percent paintable, without requiring any surface treatment. We recommend using a high-quality paint to finish our products for the best results.

Can I staple Trim-Tex’s Mud Set Beads?Mud Set L Bead - More Questions Trim-Tex Customer Service Gets All the Time

Technically, sure, if you want! But those who are asking this question may be missing out on what makes our Mud Set Beads so cool. If you’re mud-setting your beads, that means no staples or glue is required — their patented Mud Lock technology makes for the strongest bond to the drywall in the industry, three-and-a-half times stronger than paper covered metal beads. If you really want to staple them, though, you’ll need to do so every two to three inches.  

Got a question that we didn’t answer here (or here)? You should know by now who to ask! The experts in our Customer Service department will be happy to help; you can send your question directly to them here. And we want to extend a huge thank-you to everyone there for keeping Trim-Tex running as usual during these crazy times!

More Questions Trim-Tex Customer Service Gets All the Time - Mark