Meet the Builder: Hasan Syed iConstruction

Hasan Syed, owner of iConstruction.

Who: Hasan Syed, Owner of iConstruction

Where: Chicagoland Area

How long have you been in the industry? I have been working on custom, single-family homes for 15 years.

Why do you use Trim-Tex? I love to create architectural details, particularly in ceiling designs.

How did you start using Trim-Tex? I started using Trim-Tex beads when I realized Trim-Tex products can easily add architectural detail to any project. Trim-Tex products are an industry secret for custom building and they are what differentiates my work from someone who does not use them.

Do you use Trim-Tex products to sell upgrades? Frankly, a very small portion of our custom homes have “upgrades.” Cabinetry can be upgraded, fixtures can be upgraded, flooring can be upgraded, but I regard Trim-Tex as a necessary part of the project. The choice and selection of Trim-Tex products are dictated by the style of the home and the look the homeowner is trying to achieve. The structure and walls are my job, and there is no room for compromise, which is why Trim-Tex beads are a fundamental part of my projects.

How many types of bead do you typically use on a project? For wall corners, we have used the chamfered, the step-a-bull, and the regular bullnose beads. We have also used those beads on soffits, ceilings, and other corners. We often use many kinds of Trim-Tex beads on one job to create the desired look. My Trim-Tex dealer, Danial's Inc., is great about ordering any Trim-Tex products I need for my jobs. The Trim-Tex beads that get me most excited are the cove beads and the LED bead - this is where the application and opportunity presents itself and why I think so highly of Trim-Tex products.

In your experience, is Trim-Tex more durable than others? Yes, there are other products that look similar but the quality is not the same. Trim-Tex is a superior product and the price difference is negligible. I have found that there is no need to buy a copycat product when the real thing is available.