Materials Manufactured to Move

In the Southwest Energy building, expansion joints were placed in the massive ceiling expanses to protect the interior.Expansion is a concern on every project with large drywall runs. Expansion occurs for a variety of reasons, including humidity, temperature changes and building movement. Without the proper expansion product, cracking or drywall buckling can occur.

While Baker Triangle was building the Southwest Energy office building in Houston, they knew they would need expansion products due to the large building size and layout. In the Southwest Energy building, expansion joints were placed in the massive ceiling expanses. To accommodate the building design, Baker Triangle wanted to install curved 093 expansion beads. In the past, the only option for curved expansion products were special order and especially expensive metal products. Facing a tight deadline, Baker Triangle turned to Trim-Tex 093V Expansion. Trim-Tex 093V is manufactured from flexible vinyl and easily formed to match the curved ceiling reveal design in the Southwest Energy office building.
Vinyl expansion beads leave clean finished edges in comparison to metal expansion beads.

In addition to being flexible, Trim-Tex 093V features a full 3/8" in controlled movement, which is more than any other 093 product on the market. Once it is installed, architects and builders need not worry about expansion issues marring a beautiful structure. 093V also has tear off strips, allowing the center expansion channel to remain mud free and the tear off helps create an overall sharper finished edge. Trim-Tex 093V is also designed to provide expansion control on either walls or ceilings, so regardless of the surface it can be protected from expansion problems. Like all Trim-Tex products, 093V never dents, rusts or acts as a source for mold growth, which reduces long-term building maintenance costs.