Why Masters of Drywall Love Mud Set Bead

logo removalAs we looked at last month, we couldn’t be prouder to manufacture vinyl drywall corner beads that can be used by drywall wizards and weekend warriors alike. Whether you just want to get the job done faster and use less material, or you want to make honest-to-goodness art with your work, you have a partner in Trim-Tex. Both types of drywall masters are pretty vocal about products they like and dislike (take a stroll through the comments on our Instagram page if you don’t believe us). One bead we are always feeling the love for, from all sides, is our extra-durable Mud Set Bead.

When we rolled out Mud Set Rigid Corner Bead in 2008, it made a splash as the first Trim-Tex vinyl drywall corner bead to cast off mechanical fasteners like glue and Mud Set 350 Bull Corner Bead-2staples. In the years before the bead’s unveiling, paper-covered and paper composite beads had been picking up steam, in part because of the simplicity of the installation process: just a few coats of mud and a roller were all that they required.

With Mud Set Bead, Trim-Tex saw an opening to improve upon the no-faster idea by making the bead incredibly durable, with the strongest bond to the drywall in the business.

Why Weekend Warriors Love Mud Set Bead

IMG_5352More casual finishers buy boxes upon boxes of this bead for a very simple reason: they know it’ll give them a clean look while saving them time and material. Just run one of our many varieties of Mud Set Bead through a hopper (or use a pan and knife, or a compound tube, directly on the drywall), stick the bead on, roll the excess mud out of the back, and bam, you’re ready to add the fill/top coat. No waiting around for the initial coat to dry — for most crews, that’s a time savings of an entire day for each bead.

Check out our friend PRC Taping demonstrating just how simple the installation process is:

The other big benefit of Mud Set Bead for those who are looking to move on to the next job as efficiently as possible, of course, is that your odds of getting called back for fixes get dropped to an all-time low. These things get you the most dent-resistant drywall corners money can buy, making them popular choices for high-traffic, high-impact spaces, like offices and dorms.

Why Drywall Wizards Love Mud Set Bead

2020-07-10 09.43.38 2350254734375234020_2228249055To put it simply? Mud Set Bead is a perfectionist’s dream.

A drywall perfectionist doesn’t just want a decent bond between the corner bead and the drywall; they want the strongest you got. Those little ridges you see running along the inside legs of the bead are our patented Mud Locks, which are key to forming the peerless, paperless bond Mud Set Bead’s become known for.

Here’s one of those drywall perfectionists at Toronto's Robert Cripps Construction installing Mud Set Bead:

And if you love it, you don’t have to stop using it once you’re done with all your basic, 90-degree corners. There’s Mud Set solutions for just about any kind of corner Mud Set L Bead-2drywall masters face — a Tear Away L Bead version for finishing around windows and doors, Bullnose edges for a smooth, rounded finish, adjustable beads for unpredictable corners, and more. Check out the whole family of products here!

There are all kinds of ways to be a master of drywall and take pride in your work, whether you’re known for being the fastest or the most methodical. Whatever route you take to be a master of your craft, Trim-Tex wants to be right there with you, with a Mud Set solution to tackle your next project. Learn more about how our products are for both weekend warriors and drywall wizards here, and stay tuned for future editions of “Masters of Drywall.”