Jobsite Journals: Finishing a Modern House in Southern Illinois

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We love nothing more than to hear from drywall finishers from all over the world who have pushed themselves to new heights by using a Trim-Tex solution or two to solve their problems. In this series, “Jobsite Journals,” we’re shining a spotlight on some of the contractors who have done just that — today, we’re taking a look at a sleek, modern home in Southern Illinois, finished to perfection by the pros at Hesser Drywall.

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In total, Hesser Drywall Owner Chad Hesser and his crew — who are based out of Newton, IL — used more than 400 sticks of various Trim-Tex beads. That includes Jumbo Corner Bead combined with Flat Tear Away to finish around all the windows; some Hideaway Expansions to covertly allow for movement within the house’s control joints; some Archway Corner Bead and Bullnose Archway Corner Bead to easily finish several curved details dotted around the house; Splayed Corner Bead for those more obtuse, 120-degree angles; and more.

“This one definitely pushed us a bit, especially myself,” Chad Hesser says about the project. “Proud of this one for sure!!”

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One of our favorite drywall designs is a reveal along a room’s wall bottoms — it gives the slick impression that the wall is somehow floating above the floor — and Hesser Drywall executed this look flawlessly with the help of our Architectural Z Shadow Bead. It’s a subtle, trimless choice that doesn’t call too much attention to itself, but adds just a dash of extra style to a room. (Learn more about how to pull off this trimless look for yourself here.)

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For all the other, more standard corners, Hesser Drywall chose Jumbo Corner Bead, their go-to choice for outside corners. Additionally, the Roman Clay finishes you see in these photos were done with Portola Paints products, while all that gorgeous textured paint throughout the home came from our friends at Fresco Harmony.

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We applaud the folks at Hesser Drywall for their excellent finishing work, and their commitment to going the extra mile to making this modern home look magnificent — we’re just happy our vinyl beads could help them out along the way!

Give Hesser Drywall’s Instagram page a follow to see more of their flawless finishing, and if you’re around Southern Illinois, give them a ring next time you need a pro finisher. We love spotlighting folks like these practicing the art of drywall — follow us on Instagram as well by hitting the button below, and next time you’re on the jobsite using some of our solutions, be sure to take a picture and tag us, and maybe we’ll see you featured on another edition of “Jobsite Journals”!