Introducing Hotrod® XL: Firestopping in a Single Step

Introducing Hotrod® XL: Firestopping in a Single StepFirestopping solutions for wall joints matter a whole lot — as we looked at last week, even the smallest gap in your wall could cause a speedy spread of smoke and fire. There are a number of good ways to both seal off your joints with firestopping materials and account for building movement, but perhaps none are as foolproof or as easily installed as the latest in Trim-Tex’s line of fire rated drywall accessories: the brand-new Hotrod® XL!

Hotrod XL is the product of three independent components working together to form a groundbreaking new firestopping solution.

First, we have Trim-Tex’s tried-and-true Flat Deflection Bead, which prevents inside corner cracking along your ceiling or concrete deck, and is designed to compress and expand as needed as your building shifts. In total, this vinyl bead will provide protection for up to a ½” of deflection.

hotrod xl new image 1Then, attached to the flat flange of that Deflection Bead, there’s a layer of compressible foam, proven to provide a tight, consistent seal against uneven substrates for the long haul.

And finally, under the bead’s return leg, you’ll find a strip of innovative intumescent tape, designed to inflate to 30 times its size when exposed to heat.

By marrying these three elements, you’ve got a fire rated wall joint in a single step of installation, fitting neatly into your wall’s deflection gap to seal off any imperfections in the concrete and prevent the passage of fire, smoke and sound. Unlike fire sealant, which is going to shrink, harden and/or crack over time, Hotrod XL is designed to last for the entire lifetime of its wall assembly.

Hotrod XL horizontal

How Hotrod XL works in wall joints


Installation of Hotrod XL is simple and fast — you can even pre-install it to the drywall before hanging it, cutting the firestopping installation process down to a single step. Just make sure your drywall is installed no more than ¾” down from the concrete or fluted deck of your wall assembly, then use your spray adhesive or use staples every Introducing Hotrod® XL: Firestopping in a Single Step6-8” along the bead. Once you’ve mudded the bead in, just pull off the attached tear away strip for a clean finish. It installs fully cured, too, so it can be inspected right after installation.

In the event of a fire, the intumescent tape below vinyl bead's return leg will expand, forming an air-tight seal within the joint, which is what makes our line of fire rated drywall accessories so effective. Hotrod XL has been tested by the authority on firestopping, UL Standards, which found our handy little accessory to provide a fantastic L-rating. An L-rating refers to the amount of air that is able to leak through a substance, and that amount of air is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) — Hotrod XL has an L-rating of less than 1 CFM. This has not only put this product over the top in terms of firestopping, it’s also been proven as an effective soundproofing solution as well, and is sound tested according to ASTM E90.

hotrod xl new image 2Combine all these elements — the compressible foam, the intumescent tape, the vinyl deflection bead — factor in the quick, painless single-step installation process, and Hotrod XL is a firestopping solution that’s tough to beat. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect your wall joints from the spread of smoke and fire by outfitting them with a solution that’s built to last, all while saving you time and labor costs.

Check out all of Trim-Tex's inventive fire rated drywall accessories here, and hit the button below to request a free sample of Hotrod XL!