How to Install Magic Corner Like a Pro

How to Install Magic Corner Like a ProFor drywallers who have a lot of inside corners to finish and not a lot of time, Trim-Tex’s Magic Corner Expansion Bead absolutely lives up to its name. Like magic, it installs quickly and easily, even on off-angles. Like magic, its flexibility and adaptability can help you execute wildly inventive ceiling designs. And like magic, for many years after installation, it will counteract inside-corner cracking from structural movement. Whether you’re just looking to protect your inside corners for the long haul, or you’ve got a vision for a show-stopping ceiling detail, this solution’s going to be your best friend. Here’s how to install Magic Corner like a pro, with some help from our friend over at PRC Taping.

The first thing you may notice about PRC Taping’s technique here is that he uses How to Install Magic Corner Like a Prolaser level to ensure his inside corner bead will be perfectly straight. If you don’t have access to a laser level, take a scrap piece of Magic Corner to measure out where you want it to go on either end of the inside corner, and make pencil marks along its leg. Then snap a chalk line between your two markings to guide your installation for perfectly straight lines. Using a laser level for this step is much more efficient, obviously, but not a requirement.

Next, PRC Taping hits the entire length of the inside corner with a coat of 847 Spray Adhesive. While that’s getting tacky, he grabs more than enough Magic Corner to get the job done and starts firmly pressing it into the spray residue. After cutting off the excess bead, PRC then uses one of our small yellow cleaning tools (included in every box of Magic Corner — they’re lifesavers during the mudding phase) to evenly apply pressure onto the inside corner, adhering the bead to the surface.

How to Install Magic Corner Like a ProThen you’ll need to grab your staple gun and apply half-inch staples to the bead every six to eight inches. PRC Taping uses a battery-powered staple gun, but your more basic model, like the Surebonder 3-in-1 Staple Gun that Trim-Tex offers, will do nicely here too.

Now that you know how to install Magic Corner like a pro, you’re ready to begin the mudding process. Soon enough, you’ll have perfectly straight inside corners that can handle up to 3/8” of controlled movement without causing unsightly (and expensive-to-repair) cracks in the finish.

PRC Taping is a true pro in the craft of drywall finishing — be sure to follow him on Instagram to keep up with everything he’s doing. We’ve got a small treasure trove of pro tips like this one on our website; hit the button below to learn how to finish Mud Set Bullnose Bead like a pro!