Stick to It: How to Use 847 Spray Adhesive Like a Pro

Trim-Tex’s own 847™ Spray Adhesive is pretty well-known among drywall finishers for being an efficient tool of the trade, a perfect companion to a box of vinyl corner bead. It’s fast, it’s painless and it’s easier than a staple gun. But what some of those finishers might not know is that they may have been doing it wrong all this time — that they might not know how to use 847 Spray Adhesive the right way at all.

At least, that’s what Brian from Drywall Nation says he’s seen online too many times, and we got him to make this quick-tip video to help correct those mistakes. The key, according to Brian? A light touch!

Check out the video to learn how to use 847 Spray Adhesive like a pro:

Quick Tip: Trim-Tex 847 Adhesive Spray
Quick Tip: Trim-Tex 847 Adhesive Spray

As Brian shows in the video, you don’t need to apply a heavy dose of Spray Adhesive to your drywall or your corner bead — quite the opposite! A lighter spray on each is not only going to stretch out the lifespan of your can of 847; It’s also going to allow the vinyl bead to set on the drywall more firmly and more quickly.

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847 Spray Adhesive is high-tack and pressure-sensitive, engineered to last you a long time (it has a shelf life of about two years, but will stay effective even longer if it’s stored at room temperature, away from freezing environments). You’ll make the most out of it if you’re not absolutely soaking a corner before applying your bead. Besides being wasteful, doing so will make the whole surface less tacky, forcing you to wait longer before moving on to your next corner.

A pro finisher who loves the strength and durability of a vinyl corner bead will know that learning how to use 847 Spray Adhesive is all about balance — finding the exact right amount of pressure to apply to the nozzle. With the right execution, your corner will be ready to mud in no time.

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