Finishing Window Returns With Mud Set Bead

For a lot of rooms, their windows are going to be among their most noticeable features — which is great, except they’re also among the most likely areas to get damaged. Plus, harsh light can come in at that magic time of day to expose every little nick and dent. Especially if you go with a trimless look around windows, we’d recommend you outfit the drywall on these areas with the best possible protection, and start finishing window returns with Mud Set Bead.

But why tell you how it’s done when we can show you? Check out our friend PRC Taping demonstrate how he uses our Mud Set Bead — specifically the Mud Set Rigid Low Profile Corner Bead — to achieve a smooth, clean look around a window, while also prepping it to withstand impact for years to come.

Finishing Window Returns With Mud Set Bead (ft. PRC Taping)
Finishing Window Returns With Mud Set Bead (ft. PRC Taping)

Mud Set Bead is Trim-Tex’s solution to forming the strongest corners a finisher can get. Its wide vinyl legs and patented mud lock technology attain the tightest bond to the drywall in the industry, all without the need for mechanical fasteners.

PRC mud set - applying 2

To get the same look while finishing window returns with Mud Set Bead that PRC Taping does here, you’ll start by simply measuring each return and cutting the bead to length with a pair of snips.

PRC mud set - hopper

Then, run the bead through a mud-filled hopper (PRC is using our own Pro Series 4-in-1 Hopper, pictured above) and apply the bead on the edge of the window return, pressing firmly to push excess mud out. Use a taping knife to add another thin coat of mud on top of the bead and to smooth out the mud that was pushed out from the legs of the bead.

PRC mud set - applying

Of course, there are other installation methods you can use that will be just as effective as what PRC Taping demonstrates here. For instance, especially if you’re installing Mud Set Rigid Low Profile on an entire wall corner, we’d recommend using a Quad Roller to make sure you’re applying pressure to the bead evenly. And, instead of a hopper, you could always apply mud to the window return directly using your joint/taping knife.

Whatever approach you find works best for you, finishing window returns with Mud Set Bead is a no-brainer to pull off smooth corners, tight bonds and highly durable edges in these areas. Your windows will be a focal point of the room to show off, not something to bury behind end tables and heavy trim.

Want to check out what we mean by “mud lock technology” for yourself? Use the tool below and request Mud Set Rigid Low Profile from a dealer near you today!

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