Finish in a Flash: How to Use Fast Caps

A detail like an entryway, closet, knee-wall or wall end may not be a drywall finisher’s biggest problem on the job, but they are everywhere in both residential and commercial structures, and each one takes a lot of time and material to get right. We’re talking two corner beads per side, plus drywalling the face of each surface — and those kinds of things add up over time. Unless, of course, you’ve got a box of Fast Caps lying around, flattening this entire process down into a single, easy-to-use solution. If you’ve never had the pleasure of using this ingenious little time-saver, here’s how to use Fast Caps in areas like these, with some help from our friends at Drywall Nation.

We’ll let Brian Kitchin from Drywall Nation take it from here, showing you how he uses Fast Caps on doorways and beyond:

Finish in a Flash: How to Use Fast Caps (ft. Drywall Nation)
Finish in a Flash: How to Use Fast Caps (ft. Drywall Nation)

In the above video, Brian uses his expertise to break down just how useful this bead can be, like he has in the past for other Trim-Tex solutions like Buttboard and Fast Edge®.

The awesome thing about using a Fast Cap, as Brian explains, is that its wide vinyl face is pre-finished, so installing it onto a rough surface is all you’ll need to do to get it ready to paint — no need to hang any extra drywall or mud the face. For an entryway like the one Brian is standing in, you’re eliminating all that drywalling work, most of that mud and a total of six corner beads, and instead will just be using three Fast Caps.

Finish in a Flash - How to Use Fast Caps (2)

This is the sort of efficiency that using vinyl drywall finishing solutions can provide that metal corner bead absolutely cannot compete with. It’s a no-brainer!

To install Fast Caps, measure and cut the bead to length, and apply a liberal dab of caulk or similar adhesive to the studs/exposed surface. Then simply install it like you would any other vinyl corner bead, using a thin coat of 847 Spray Adhesive and applying half-inch staples every six to eight inches along its mud legs. You’ll then need to mud only the sides of the Fast Cap — again, no need to use any joint compound across its surface.

Finish in a Flash - How to Use Fast Caps (3)

Fast Caps are available in a variety of sizes to suit a variety of studs, including a version for 2 ½” metal studs. 

Now that you’ve learned how to use Fast Caps, you’re just beginning to scratch the surface of how vinyl drywall finishing solutions can save you so much time and material you’ll never go back to using metal! Check out everything Trim-Tex has to offer by requesting a copy of our latest catalog — just hit the button below!

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