Trim-Tex Is for Drywall Wizards & Weekend Warriors Alike

wizards and weekend warriorsImagine, for a moment, a line of drywall accessories that enable those who are trained in the ways of finishing to create honest-to-goodness works of art — gorgeous archways, intricate ceilings, offbeat kitchen designs and just about anything else you can imagine.

Now, on the other hand, imagine a line of drywall products that are purely built for function: corner bead made from sturdy, rigid material that will stand the test of time, able to weather any storm. This second family of products are made for drywalling professionals who simply want to get the job done with a high degree of quality, and if they can do so faster and with less material costs, even better.

9C365FD9-718E-4E55-897F-775650C18CF3Here’s the kicker — those two lines of products are one and the same.

Trim-Tex has been designing, producing and shipping vinyl drywall accessories that suit all these needs, manufactured entirely in the USA, for the past 51 years. And, in doing so, we’ve set out to inspire masters of drywall across the world.

Just take, for example, our line of Bullnose Beads, a favorite among our customers. The flagship bead in this series, 350 Bull, pictured below, creates a rounded edge on your corners for a soft, clean finish that adds a subtle dash of flair to any room. Professional finishers love this bead because it adds a little bit of wow-factor to their work, without using up more time or materials to install it.


Then, with a little ingenuity, you get the 350 Bull Archway. Again, this is the same style, but now you can pull off wildly imaginative designs like the one below!

350 bull

This company is both a family business and the industry leader in creating products designed to solve common drywall finishing problems, with over 200 drywall solutions available. Back when Trim-Tex Drywall Products began, we were making basic ½- and ⅝-inch J Beads. All these years later, we still manufacture those same J Beads, but have never stopped innovating along the way. In the past year alone, we’ve rolled out the game-changing Fast Edge family of corner bead, as well as the industry’s first-ever line of fire rated drywall accessories.

32FDAF94-87D1-4D04-9E0D-3694AD29F8CCThere’s a good reason we’re the ones who coined the term “Drywall Art” — we’re always pushing for finishers to push themselves to create masterworks. But we also know that, if it doesn’t solve a simple problem, it’s not worth selling.

Whether you’re a drywaller who is striving to do the job faster, more cost-effectively and with a higher level of quality, or a drywaller who wants to up your game to the level of jaw-dropping art, you got a partner in Trim-Tex. Our products could be that spark of inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Stay tuned for more awesome ways you can use Bullnose Bead, and other vinyl drywall accessories in our constantly expanding inventory, in our new series of articles: "Masters of Drywall!"