Creative Ways to Finish Around Windows 

Save money by finishing windows with drywall scraps and decorative corner bead. It is quick and easy! Plus, this technique can be customized to a client’s liking
and offers cost-savings compared to traditional aluminum or wood materials.

To begin, trim out the window with a layer of drywall. Be sure to install drywall with the required setback for the corner bead that will be installed.

Creative ways to finish around windows setbacks

Once the beads are cut to length, spray the drywall and the underside of the corner bead's mud legs with 847 Spray Adhesive.

Firmly press the bead into place and secure by stapling every 6-8 inches. The job is almost done — the next step is to finish the detail with drywall compound and sand smooth. Finish with a high-quality paint.

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Customize the job

To add a level of customization, a variety of Trim-Tex decorative corner beads can be used to trim around windows.

Flat Tear Away Bead is a popular choice to finish around window trim, as its tear-off strip allows you to butt right against the trim without spilling mud onto it, but there is no need to stop there. Chamfer and Bullnose beads can be mixed and matched with various L Beads to create a truly custom finish.

Creative ways to finish around windows chamfer

For this interior office window, on each side, one leg of a piece of 350 Chamfer has been snipped off to create a kerfed finish. On the other side of the glass, they used a Tear Away Bead butting up against the window pane, and another piece of 350 Chamfer on the edge of the return.

Creative ways to finish around windows bullnose

Nothing special about the finish around this window, but don't forget that a sill can be a place for eye-catching details. For this window sill, the rounded look of 350 Bull works wonders.

Creative ways to finish around windows Oversized L Bead

Perhaps what your project needs isn't to add wow factor, but just to get the job completed faster while also saving on material costs. Introducing the L bead that can do exactly that, Oversized L Bead, also available in Super and Giant sizes with archway capabilities. Slip the Oversized L Bead over the window return and mud into place. The surface of the Oversized L Bead is ready to be primed and painted. Finishing around windows with drywall and corner bead saves time and money since these products cost less than traditional wood and aluminum materials. The customization possibilities are endless and high-end finishes can be created at an affordable price. Give it a try! 

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