Combine Hotrod Type-X & Flat Deflection Bead for Versatile Firestopping

Providing proper firestop materials within wall joints is absolutely crucial for commercial construction crews, and the old ways of doing this — namely, fire caulks — often just don’t cut it anymore. They’re tricky to apply, don’t stay effective for very long and won’t pass inspection if the installer doesn’t get the dosage exactly right. Hearing these complaints from contractors across the country, a few years back, we introduced several trailblazing new solutions to make this process faster and easier. One of those solutions, when paired with an older piece of Trim-Tex’s catalog, makes for a highly adaptable code-compliance combo: you can combine Hotrod Type-X and Flat Deflection Bead for versatile firestopping in a variety of circumstances.

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What is Hotrod Type-X & Flat Deflection Bead?

Hotrod Type-X is simple — it’s a length of red compressible foam (available in either ½”x1” or 1”x1” sizes), attached to which you’ll find a strip of adhesive and a strip of intumescent tape. This intumescent tape, when exposed to intense heat, will expand to 30 times its size, fully sealing off any gap into which it’s been installed. The compressible foam can be used easily in tight spaces and hard-to-reach joints — a huge relief for anyone who’s ever tried to use a clumsy caulking gun in a smaller area, like a narrow corridor or crawlspace.

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Flat Deflection Bead is a vinyl bead, typically attached to the top of a sheet of drywall (but can also be used on vertical joints), featuring a flexible gasket at its apex that expanse and contracts along with any structural movement. This way, you’re protected from up to ½” of deflection, eliminating any inside corner cracking. Its flat design (as opposed to the standard Deflection Bead, which includes a flange that rests atop the drywall’s edge) is engineered to accommodate any backing materials, making it a perfect pair with Hotrod Type-X.

By combining Hotrod Type-X and Flat Deflection Bead, you’re getting all the firestopping power and simple installation of the compressible-foam solution, along with the flawless finish of the flexible vinyl bead.

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The Hotrod Type-X & Flat Deflection Difference

Of course, if you’re already familiar with Trim-Tex’s family of fire rated drywall accessories, you may be asking: why would I use these two products when one would do? Why would I choose this over Fire Bead? How is this different than using Hotrod XL, which itself combines a Flat Deflection Bead with pre-attached compressible foam?

The difference is versatility.

For instance, in many jobsites, your head-of-wall joints may be exposed in many areas, and in many others, they may be covered by ceiling tiles — sometimes both may be true within a single room. If you’re using something like Hotrod XL, that perfect finish it provides would be great in the areas where the head-of-wall is exposed, but would be overkill when it’s covered up. If you’re using Hotrod Type-X, you could easily install it in every head-of-wall gap for code-compliance requirements, and then only install Flat Deflection in areas where it’d be visible.

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Another reason this combo is so versatile is that you can essentially install it however works best for you and your crew, whether you’ve got concrete ceilings or fluted deck assemblies.

Installation method 1

In the first, and probably most common, scenario, the guys coming in to install code compliance materials are coming in during the finishing phase. This is after all the drywall has been hung, with ½” gaps left on each side. Here, you will stuff Hotrod Type-X into the joint(s) — just make sure the foam is compressed within, and that the intumescent tape has contact with the adjoining substrate. Then install Flat Deflection Bead over the gap using 847 Spray Adhesive and ½” staples every six to eight inches; the flexible gasket should be slightly curling under the substrate. Finish with mud, and you’ve got a code compliant, movement-protected joint that’ll stand the test of time.

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Installation method 2

A faster way to do this utilizes that adhesive tape that comes attached to every piece of Hotrod Type-X. In this scenario, you’re able to come in and install this compressible-foam solution before drywall is hung. Simply remove the film from the double-sided tape and install it to the top track, where your framing meets the ceiling (or the framing on either side, if you’re also using this on your vertical joints), with the intumescent tape butting against the substrate. Then you’ll install drywall, making sure you’re left with a ½” gap that compresses the foam. Then you’ll attach your Flat Deflection as before and apply your mud.

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Installation method 3

If you really want to zoom through your code compliance requirements, and you’ve got full access to both the framing and the sheets of drywall before anything’s hanged, we’ve got the method for you. It’s possible to pre-attach the Hotrod Type-X, as described above, and then pre-attach Flat Deflection bead to your drywall sheets while they’re still on the ground. This way, you’re prepared with a code-compliant assembly from the jump — all you’ve got to do now is hang the drywall and mud the joints.

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If you combine Hotrod Type-X and Flat Deflection Bead for versatile firestopping, you’re ready to face just about any code-compliance challenge a commercial construction job could throw at you. To learn about the other, equally powerful members of our family of fire rated drywall accessories, click the button below to check out our online hub, and make sure you sign up for a full technical catalog while you’re there.

Code Compliance, Without All the Extra Steps

Code Compliance, Without All the Extra Steps

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