Your Next Trim-Tex Order Will Have Automatic Tracking Info

Your Next Trim-Tex Order Will Have Automatic Tracking InfoOne of our highest priorities at Trim-Tex is making the jobs of our customers — both the contractors installing a bead on a drywall corner and the supply dealers stocking them on their shelves — easier. It’s why we only use the best impact-resistant, rust-proof vinyl materials; it’s why we’ve created so many different types of shapes and profiles to fit every kind of need a finisher might have. And now, to continue making the lives of our dealers easier, every Trim-Tex order in the U.S. will come with automatic tracking info to save you time and take one more thing off your plate.

Your Next Trim-Tex Order Will Have Automatic Tracking Info

Automatic tracking info isn’t something used by too many within our industry, but has become expected in many corners of the online shopping world. And it’s something that’s been on our wish list for a long while — most of the time, tracking information was obtained by our trusted dealer customers by calling our customer service team and having them manually look up shipping information and send out tracking links one-by-one.

Now this process is automatic and streamlined. When a U.S.-based dealer/distributor places an Your Next Trim-Tex Order Will Have Automatic Tracking Infoorder, an email will be sent to their inbox the next day, including all relevant tracking information, along with a clickable link that goes directly to the carrier’s progress in delivering your items. Considering that, if you place your order before 2 p.m. CT, it will nearly always be shipped out that same day, Trim-Tex has the shipping process down to a science. And while our award-winning customer service team is always quick with a smile and a helpful word, spending less time hunting down tracking information frees them up for more meaningful conversations with our clients.

Automatic tracking info is just one of the many advancements we’re always trying to cook up to make our customers’ jobs easier. From first to last — from when you’re thumbing through a catalog to receiving a box full of vinyl beads to when they’re installed on the jobsite — the people here at Trim-Tex never lose sight of that goal.

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