Architectural Reveal Case Study: Sherwood Park Mall

Alberta, CA

Sherwood Park Mall underwent a renovation to create a contemporary space for shoppers. With 464,000 square feet, architect firm Abugov-Kaspar, implemented architectural elements that would brighten the space and transform the outdated mall.

To add visual details to the walls, Architectural Reveal Bead was specified in the design. Vinyl reveal beads create clean shadow lines and can be used to break up long runs of drywall. Architectural Reveal Beads also provide up to ⅛" of built in expansion protection, which will protect the interior finish from unsightly drywall cracks. Vinyl reveal beads don't dent, kink or rust, saving on job site damage costs and future maintenance of the building. To expedite the project, drywall contractor T Kerr Interior Systems, incorporated Architectural Reveal Intersections to reduce the time consuming process of making job site miter cuts. Speed was vital for this project as the mall continued to remain open during renovations.