Reveal & Tear Away Case Study: Oak Grove Jr. High

Libertyville, IL

Oak Grove Junior High underwent a $14.1 million renovation that created a state-of-the-art facility for students. Pepper Construction worked for many summers to complete the renovations. Students can now enjoy new classrooms, science labs, gym, locker rooms as well as a cafeteria now that the renovations are complete.

Trim-Tex Architectural Reveal Beads were installed in the school cafeteria to add visual detail to the soffits. The properties of rigid vinyl allow the reveals to form around curved walls with the additional benefits of built-in expansion for up to 1/8" of movement. The Reveal Bead mud bump ensures the bead will finish with clean, straight, modern lines. To finish the bottom edge of the curved soffits, Trim-Tex Chamfer Bead & Archway was installed.

Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away was installed where the drywall terminates at the door jamb to create a finished edge.