Shower Bead Chosen as a Money-Saving Product by BUILDINGS Media

Shower Bead - Money Saving Products Winner
Trim-Tex is proud to announce that BUILDINGS has selected Shower Bead as a 2020 Money-Saving Products winner. This product is a member of an elite group of 45 products showcased in the May/June 2020 issue of BUILDINGS and online at

Finalists were evaluated by the BUILDINGS editorial staff for the money-saving Shower Bead - Money Saving Productsqualities they offer to building owners and facility managers in areas such as energy efficiency, water savings and maintenance.

Bathrooms are one of the rooms most susceptible to moisture damage, which can lead to unsightly finishes, costly repairs, or dangerous health conditions. Traditional metal corner beads and paper tape solutions simply can't meet the same requirements and safety standards as specialty materials designed for damp environments.

Shower Bead is the best product in the industry to efficiently finish drywall around shower and tub enclosures. In particular, using paper tape to finish around shower surrounds poses a high risk for hazardous mold growth. The unique construction of Shower Bead replaces paper tape, thereby eliminating the food source for mold, helping to maintain a healthy environment. (It was for this reason that the University of Kentucky chose Shower Bead to renovate thousands of shower surrounds across its student living facilities.)


Shower Bead was engineered with an extra-long 2 1/4" mud leg that requires less mud to span the gap between the drywall and flange. This product also features a tear away strip that protects the shower enclosure from mud, leaving a crisp finished edge. Vinyl beads, like this Shower Bead, also prevents rust, kinks, and dents, which are common complaints in high-use, high-moisture bathrooms.

Shower Bead isn't just great for bathrooms, though; its wide mud leg is also perfect for bridging an extra-wide gap between the casing and the drywall. Learn more here.


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