Creative Reveal Bead Transitions

Learn how to create a transition between two different size intersections using Trim-Tex Reveal Bead.

Learn how to create a transition between two different size intersections using Trim-Tex Reveal Bead.

Common reveal intersections

One way to create a reveal intersection is to fit 4 pieces of Reveal Bead together by mitering the ends of the beads in a triangular shape and fitting the pieces together. This is more time consuming, requires more precise cutting and creating an intersection with different size Reveal Beads is difficult.

Trim-Tex reveal bead cross cut intersection mitering.

An easier way to create reveal bead intersections

The steps below highlight an alternate method of creating a Reveal Bead intersection which requires less cutting and gives a unique look. The steps below show you how to transition between two different size reveals, but it is also great for same size reveals.

With a speed square, mark both sides of the reveal bead where the beads will intersect.

Marking the reveal bead using a speed square.

Using a utility knife, cut along the mud bump on each side twice to ensure a clean edge.

Cut the reveal bead using a utility knife.

Using snips, cut along the markings that were made with the speed square.

Cutting the reveal bead using snips.

Remove the cut section of the reveal allowing the smaller reveal to fit into the opening.

Removing the cut section from the reveal bead.

Using drywall adhesive, fill the gap where the mud bump meets the smaller reveal to prevent cracking. Once the smaller reveal is in place, wipe off excess adhesive.

Apply adhesive to the reveal bead.

Finally, staple the reveals into place to complete the transition.

Reveal bead stapled into place.

Notice how the reveals transition flawlessly where they intersect. This method also allows you to transition between different size intersection.

Finished Trim-Tex reveal bead intersection.

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