Using Bullnose Molded Corners & Base Adapters 

Molded Corners and Base Adapters are great for finishing tricky corners. Molded Corners finish corners where multiple beads meet and Base Adapters transition beads to a square corner. In this tip, we will discuss using both Bullnose Molded Corners and Base Adapters.

Installing Bullnose Molded CornerFigure 1 - Molded Corner

The first step when installing Bullnose Molded Corners is to establish the correct drywall setback, as outlined in the installation instructions.

Installation is as simple as applying 847 Adhesive on the inside of the 2 Way or 3 Way Molded Corner and pressing the Molded Corner on the corner to adhere. Secure the Molded Corner into place with 1/2" staples (Figure 1).  

To create a clean transition, it is important to eliminate any gap between the Molded Corner and Bullnose Bead. To do this, place a dab of drywall stud adhesive on the tab of the Bullnose Molded Corner and install the Bullnose Bead over the tab of the Molded Corner. 

Complete the Molded Corner installation by cleaning off any excess drywall stud adhesive. 

INSTALLING BASE ADAPTER WITH CROWN MOLDING Figure 2 - Base Adapter with Crown Molding

Base Adapters are designed to transition beads to a square corner. When using Base Adapters to install Trim-Tex Crown Molding, the vinyl crown molding must be installed first. Once the crown molding is installed, trim back the mud legs on the crown molding to best accommodate the Base Adapter (Figure 2).FIGURE 3 - TRIMMING BASE ADAPTER

Next trim the Base Adapter to length (Figure 3), coat the back of the Base Adapter with 847 Spray Adhesive, fit it into place and staple. After the Base Adapter is in place, install Bullnose Bead to complete the transition (Figure 2).  


Transitioning from Outside to Inside Corners with Base Adapters 

When transitioning from outside to inside corners, begin by mitering the Inside Corner FIGURE 4 - TRIM INSIDE CORNER MUD LEGS TO FIT BASE ADAPTERBullnose Beads. Then trim the mud legs of the Inside Corner Bullnose Beads to accommodate the Base Adapter (Figure 4). The next step calls for trimming the Base Adapter to size, allowing the radius of the outside corner to transition into the Base Adapter so the inside corner miter meets the square edge of the Base Adapter. To complete the transition, install the Bullnose Bead.


Transitioning Bullnose Bead to 90-degree Corner with Base AdapterFigure 5 - Base Adapter transitions to recessed baseboard

When using recessed baseboard, it is essential to use Base Adapter to transition Bullnose Bead to a 90-degree corner. To start, trim back the mud legs on the L Bead to accommodate the Base Adapter and then install the L Bead. Trim the Base Adapter to successfully transition from the Base Adapter to the recessed baseboard (Figure 5). Spray 847 Adhesive and staple the Base Adapter into place. The Bullnose Bead is now ready to be installed. 

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