Why Trim-Tex?

Let’s say you’re a drywall finishing pro.

You’ve got about a billion hours behind a taping knife under your belt, and a bad back to show for it.

You run a successful drywall contracting business, but “success” doesn’t come to you without a lot of hard work. You and your crew punch the clock on your latest project and naked drywall stares back, filled with screws, rough joints and corners. Your job is to finish all this drywall so that, when painted, it looks flawless. There are so many challenges (many of them left behind for you by the hangers and framers) but your budget has no margin for error.

Transforming these rough spaces into paint-ready perfection is what you do, and you’ve built your reputation on pulling off miracles. You get to work, no stranger to the 18-hour days facing you.

The long hours add up, though. Sometimes you wonder if there might be a better way.

One day, a buddy shares a social-media post. It’s from Trim-Tex — you’ve seen their signs, but you’ve always used paper-covered metal corner beads, and all their stuff’s made of vinyl — and you stare in disbelief at some lunatic smashing a finished drywall corner. You know what happens next: remove the mangled bead, then install and finish its replacement. It’s a huge time-suck. But that’s not what happens in this video — the bead isn’t bent all to hell. The only thing you notice is some missing mud in the impact area, a five-minute repair!

If there’s any truth to this video, you can instantly regain the many hours spent repairing damaged corners. And if these Trim-Tex beads can do that, you start to wonder what else they can do.

You eagerly click through to www.Trim-Tex.com and learn about the company’s 50-year history helping drywall pros. Here, you find countless hours of tips, tricks and information to comb through. You also learn about the strength and resilience of a vinyl corner bead. You start mentally tallying time saved using Trim-Tex beads over paper metal. It’s a big number.

You hit the “Contact Us” button on the website, and you soon get connected to a knowledgeable rep who assures you that the time savings are real, and offers to put you in touch with other finishers who can confirm it. They make other suggestions where Trim-Tex beads can save even more time.

You’ve heard enough. You take the leap…

…and six months later, you often think back on this moment, because Trim-Tex's solutions have so radically changed your business. Gone are the late nights and callbacks. Gone, too, is the constant stress and anxiety that used to be part of every project. Your reputation as a miracle worker is growing.

This story isn’t a work of fiction — it’s based on conversations we’ve had with drywall pros from all over the world whose lives have been changed by Trim-Tex products. They can change yours, too. Make the leap by getting in touch with us or by requesting a Trim-Tex catalog, and start getting your time back, one corner bead at a time.