Sheldon Hawks - 2015

Sheldon Hawks 2015.jpg

2015 Drywall Artist of the Year Sheldon Hawks takes pride in pushing the boundaries of the drywall industry. Instead of working on the same type of projects each day, Hawks views each job as an opportunity to display the homeowner’s personal style and exercise his own creativity. “I have always looked at the construction trades and especially drywall as an art, there are so many things that you can do,” Hawks says. “I like a challenge and am always looking to learn and try new things.” 

Hawks got his start in the drywall industry when he was just 16 years old. After being exposed to other trades, like framing, tile and concrete, Hawks opened his own company, Tom A Hawk Drywall, in 1999. Since then, Hawks has been interested in finding innovative ways to keep his company cutting-edge. Early in his career, Hawks was fortunate to work with builders that encouraged him to push the envelope and explore new ideas. Today he lives by that thinking and creates beautiful works of drywall art. “I will always keep pushing,” Hawks says. “I was never meant to go to work and do the same thing everyday. Why not change things up a little bit, make work more challenging and exciting - if this is my trade I should make it something I enjoy.”