Randall Taylor - 2008

Randal-Taylor-2008.jpgHailing from Maurnee OH, this former high school art teacher has certainly made a name for himself in the construction business. Advertising mostly by word of mouth and recommendations, Randal combines his talents with stone, wood and drywall work to create one of a kind masterpieces for his clients.

What they say about Trim-Tex

“Cutting metal bead to finish curved ceiling and wall designs was very labor intensive until I discovered Trim-Tex Flexible Corner Bead. Since then the use of various Trim-Tex products such as corner bead, reveal bead, inside corner bead, and various channel beads have allowed me to create more sculptural forms in less time.
“Trim-Tex Spray Adhesive has also allowed my style of work to grow by letting me build forms without the use of heavy wooden forms where screws would normally have to be used.”-Randal Taylor