Dave Murphey - 2010

Dave Murphey 2010.jpgDave’s career began in the service station industry when he took over the family business. Always having an interest in architecture and art, he did woodworking as both a creative outlet and relaxing hobby. Deciding to take his passion into something more lucrative, Dave encouraged his neighbor to partner with him and start DAGR Design Custom Home Theater. Seeking clients who are looking for more than a “big non-descript box” DAGR Design meets and exceeds customers expectations with their creativity.


What they say about Trim-Tex

After struggling with cut up fingers from working with metal beads, Dave heard of Trim-Tex through a colleague. “We tried other plastic cornerbead’s from the local home improvement store, but the quality is not even close to the Trim-Tex cornerbead. And our Trim-Tex distributor delivers product directly to us.” Now, equipped with a top of the line product Dave boasts about faster installation, fewer popped corners, safer disposal of trimmed pieces and no dents.-Dave Murphey