Angel Hernandez - 2012

Angel Hernandez 2012.jpg

Angel Hernandez is the owner of Magic Touch Drywall. In the beginning, Magic Touch Drywall was struggling to attract the attention of big builders that would allow the business to grow. determined to see his business succeed, Angel began researching the industry and discovered the Trim-Tex Training Center. Educated on new techniques and full of inspiration Angel bid a job at a loss to prove he had the superior finishing skills the builder needed. It would seem angel had the natural talent of a Drywall Artist, which propelled Magic Touch Drywall to the top.

What they say about Trim-Tex

“I am very grateful for the products Trim-Tex makes. I am always suprised by their innovations. Since taking the Trim-Tex course I have been able to move my business entirely into finishing custom homes”-Angel Hernandez