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Snap Cap

Snap Cap is stocked in bronze and white to approximate existing window tints. Snap Cap is used to finish wall ends that terminate at a window. Snap-on design for quick, easy installation without mudding. Specially designed to be two sizes in one. 4963 for 1/2" & 5/8" drywall on a 2 1/2" stud. 4950 & 4951 for 1/2" & 5/8" drywall on a 3 5/8" stud.

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Mud On Ceiling Bead

Use wherever a new wall is butted to an existing drop ceiling. Available in 7/8" or 9/16" with a peel off protective masking that protects the visible flange from compound and paint for easy clean up. UV stabilized.

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Flex Grid Angle

The ultimate way to finish an acoustical ceiling terminating at any curved wall or surface. Will finish columns 5 1/2" radius or larger. 8158 & 8178 will finish a minimum inside radius of 60". For inside radii as small as 18", use 8159 or 8179.UV stabilized. Available in Black & White

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