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Wood Bullnose Corner Blocks

Stock NumberPcs Per BoxStyle
951 10 Deluxe Bullnose Outside
952 10 Deluxe Bullnose Inside
953 10 Deluxe Bullnose Splayed Outside
954 10 Deluxe Bullnose Splayed Inside
955 10 Deluxe Square Outside
256 10 Deluxe Square Inside
260 20 Standard Bullnose Outside
261 20 Standard Bullnose Inside

Made by Midwestern Wood Products.
To complement 3/4" Bullnose applications, Trim-Tex now stocks poplar stand-alone blocks designed to finish bullnose corners. Deluxe style can accommodate baseboard up to 5 3/8" tall and 13/16" thick. Standard style can accommodate up to 3 11/16" tall and 9/16" thick. Bullnose corner blocks come in special sizes and wood species including Red Oak, as well as baseboards, bullnose crowns and other beautiful products available from Midwestern Wood Products.(309) 266-9771