Create Baseboard Reveal Details with Architectural Z Shadow Bead

Affordably upgrade ordinary baseboards by incorporating Reveal details into your design with Architectural Z Shadow Bead. Follow these simple installation techniques to expedite the installation process.

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Installation techniques

It is recommended that you install the floor prior to the drywall and baseboard to accommodate for any fluctuations. If the floor is uneven, trim the baseboard as needed to accommodate the irregularities. Determine the desired height of the baseboard before installing the drywall. It is important to make sure the bottom of the drywall is level during installation. If you determine that the floor is uneven after measuring, incorporate the difference when installing the drywall to prevent a gap once the Architectural Z Shadow Bead and baseboard are installIMG_1290.jpged.

Once baseboard height is determined, take a scrap piece of drywall to act as a guide when installing the drywall to ensure adequate room for baseboard. Screw the spacer into place temporarily and simply rest the sheet of drywall on it during installation to ensure accurate measurements for baseboard installation. After drywall installation, remove the spacer before installing Architectural Z Shadow Bead. IMG_1309.jpg

Apply two coats of 847 Spray Adhesive directly to the Architectural Z Shadow Bead. Attach the mud legs to the drywall and staple every 4-6" with 1/2" staples. Mud, paint and install baseboard ensuring that there are no unsightly gaps.

Upgrade your baseboards today by incorporating Reveal details into your design with Architectural Z Shadow Bead. To get more information about Architectural Z Shadow Bead and to request free samples, visit the product page here.

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