Transitioning Reveal Corner Beads Without Adapters


Flawlessly transition Reveal Corner Beads without adapters to save on cost and labor. As opposed to filling the void with an adapter, simply snip and fold the Reveal Corner Bead.

Mitering reveal corner beads

1. Using a utility knife, score the mud leg on the Reveal Corner Bead 1/2" from the end.


2. Then snip the mud leg 1/2" from the end.


3. To ensure a clean cut, score the center of the exposed surface of the Reveal Corner Bead and tear off the remaining mud leg.


4. Bend the exposed surface into place to transition Reveal Corner Beads without adapters.



5. Simply butt the exposed surface up against the corner bead for a smooth transition without an adapter and apply caulk to fill the void.


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