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My brother Jerry and his wife Sandy wanted to make their dining room more appealing and romantic. They had decorated the room very nicely but it just wasn't what they wanted. Sandy likes beamed ceiling and Jerry likes reflected indirect lighting. After a lot of discussion, they decided they did not want the traditional stained, dark wood beams but rather something that would make the room look bigger and welcoming.

They decided on beams that would accommodate 2 1/2" crown molding and a convex outside corner trim for the lower edge of the beams. All the sections would be recessed and the center section would be lower than the beams (where the chandelier would be mounted) in order to project the light outward and downward past the section lines. If the section were recessed, the light would hit the beams and not be reflected outwards.


The Plan...always good to have one!

The beams use the following Trim-Tex moldings and materials:

Material cost for the beams is approximately $3.00 per linear foot.

The wall/ceiling beams use the following Trim-Tex moldings and materials:

Material cost for the wall/ceiling area is approximately $4.00 per linear foot.

Jerry and Sandy chose the beams and the wall/ceiling sizes and layout to fit their likes. Without saying, you should make the the room the way you want it.

Continue reading the step-by-step instructions on The Drywall Artist.

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