Finishing Drywall Around A Shower Flange

Quickly and easily finish drywall terminating at shower and bath enclosures with Shower BeadShower Bead is available in 2 sizes to fit 1/2" or 5/8" drywall.


How to Install

Snip a short piece of Shower Bead and lay it on the wall. If the Shower Bead does not lay flat, then tear off the support leg as shown.
shower bead 1.jpg 

Dry fit and cut the Shower Bead to length. Spray the bead with Trim-Tex 847 Spray Adhesive. Immediately apply to the drywall. Once in position, press the legs into place. Staple the mud leg every 6"-8" with ½" staples. Finish the installation by mudding and sanding the bead. Now remove the tear-off strip for a clean finished edge.
 shower bead 2.jpg

Caulking: To prevent moisture intrusion, caulk the gap between the Shower Bead and the shower/bath unit. For additional protection, lay a bead of caulk onto the shower/tub flange and embed the support leg of the Shower Bead in it as shown. 

Advantages of Shower Bead


  • Shower Bead uses less drywall compound than filling the gap.
  • No messy drywall compound on the shower surround, the tear-off strip protects it.
  • No paper tape needed, which means eliminating a source of mold growth.
  • No screws needed. The extra long mud leg can span the gap between the drywall and shower flange, and is installed with staples.

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