Curving Reveal Beads

Finishing a barrel vault with a reveal detail is easy when using vinyl.

Finishing a barrel vault with a reveal detail is easy when using vinyl.

Trim-Tex Reveal Beads add expansion control in long drywall runs or create aesthetic details in a space. A huge advantage of vinyl Reveal Beads is their ability to easily bend to fit around curves. Arched or curved designs no longer need to be finished with costly custom aluminum reveals, which makes these designs accessible to more consumers. Installing Trim-Tex Reveal Beads around curves is nearly as easy as installing them on straight runs of drywall.

The most important step when curving Reveal Beads is the measurement. Remember, measure twice cut once! To begin, measure the radius of the curve and then refer to the chart below to find the correct size of Reveal Bead for the job. 

Once the proper Reveal Bead is selected, ensure the gap in the drywall is the correct size to fit the Reveal Bead. 

Then apply 847 Spray Adhesive to the Reveal Bead and fit the bead into the curved channel. The vinyl bead will easily bend and arch with the curve. If using spray adhesive, apply staples to hold the bead in place. In the alternative, the bead can be applied with staples only. 

When finishing, it is important to keep Reveals free from mud. An easy way to do this is to use a rope. Find a rope about the same size as the Reveal channel and place it inside the Reveal Bead channel, mud like usual and when done, remove the rope and the Reveal Bead will be free of mud. 

Reveal Beads create cost effective room details. Instead of using custom curved wood carpentry or expensive aluminum reveals, all that is required to create a detailed room, like this home theater, is vinyl bead and drywall. 

Get this look! 

A – ½” x ½” Architectural Reveal

 LED Bead

– Architectural L Bead 

D – Adjustable Inside Corner Bead

E – Rigid Low Profile Archway Corner Bead

F – ¼” x ¼” Architectural Reveal

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