Create a Trimless Door with Architectural Z Shadow Bead

Create a clean and modern look by incorporating trimless doors into your design. The process is made easy and affordable with Trim-Tex Architectural Z Shadow Bead. Whether you are installing trimless doors with a miter saw or a pair of snips, follow these simple guidelines for best results.

Z Shadow Door.jpg

Install the door frame prior to the drywall for accurate measurements. Ensure that the door jamb is the overall width of the wall and drywall thickness combined. Be sure to include space between the end of the drywall and door jamb to accommodate the Z Shadow Bead. This distance must be 1/8" wider than the overall width of Architectural Z Shadow Bead.

with A miter sawIMG_0200.jpg

Make sure that the miter saw has a fine tooth blade (100+ teeth) before beginning. Use a piece of drywall the same thickness of the bead to support the Architectural Z Shadow Bead for cutting. Place the mud leg over the drywall (as shown) before cutting the Architectural Z Shadow Bead at a 45 degree angle. Dry fit the bead around the door frame before installing. Before installation of the bead, apply a dab of Bondaflex #700 Adhesive Caulk to the mitered edges. Use a scrap piece of bead to remove any excess adhesive.

with snips 

If you do not have access to a miter saw, simply use a pair of snips to achieve the minimalist look of trimless doors. Trim-Tex recommends using Irwin Aviation Snips since they are stronger and require less force to cut. Place the Architectural Z Shadow Bead over the drywall and up to the door frame. Overlap the two pieces of bead and use a pencil to mark where they meet. Use a utility knife to score the center of the return leg on the Architectural Z Shadow Bead. Then use a pair of snips to cut along the pencil line and tear off the return leg.


Use a pencil to mark where pieces of Architectural Z Shadow overlap


Score the center of the return leg with a utility knife


Snip the return leg along the pencil line until you reach the center where it was scored


Tear off the return leg where it was snipped and scored

Dry fit the bead on the door frame to ensure there are no unsightly gap between the beads. Place a dab of Bondaflex Adhesive Caulk on the mitered ends and wipe away any excess. Staple the bead into place before mudding. 

To get more information about Architectural Z Shadow Bead and to request free samples, visit the product page here.

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