Vinyl Reveals: Durability Through Flexibility

Metal vs Vinyl reveals. Vinyl offers the same great look with easier install and at a lower cost.

While traditional metal reveals offer clean lines, they do not have the flexibility to easily form to curved or otherwise challenging surfaces. This requires metal reveals to be custom ordered to fit curved surfaces, which can be cost-and time-prohibitive.

In contrast, vinyl reveals offer built-in flexibility at a cost less than metal reveals. Finishing what would normally be a difficult detail without the increased cost and time investment of custom-ordered metal, becomes easy with vinyl reveals.

IMG_0018 (1).JPG

Vinyl reveal’s natural flexibility incorporates up to 1/8” of expansion protection into every interior detail. Additionally, vinyl reveals look better for longer, as they are not prone to the common problems that plague metal reveals, such as rusting and denting.

Vinyl reveals offer durability and flexibility that extends beyond the reveal itself, saving money upfront and for the life of the building.

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