The Finisher Will Fix It

All drywall finishers undeniably have those projects that leave you scratching your head and muttering words not appropriate for this magazine. Bad framing jobs, twisted and warped wood, or designs that leave you wondering how an architect ever thought that would be a good idea. However, as true masters of your craft, you take whatever you are given and turn it into a pristine finished interior.

Commonly, it's the off angles that cause the most difficulty. Having the right product for the job an turn a finishing headache into a walk in the park. Trim-Tex offers a wide variety of products for tackling those projects.

1. Angle Masterff3.jpg

Fits any angled corner, comes in a roll, great for long runs on soffits and vaults. Make of a paperless vinyl material that won't mold and holds its shape better for a superior finish with no waves, no blisters, and no fuzz.

2. Jumbo Splayed Double Archwayff2.jpg

Ideal for groin vaults, finishes splayed outside corners. The double archway splayed mud legs allow the bead to curve and flex to fit the outside corner as well the vault radius.

3. 90° Inside Archway Corner Beadff1.jpg

One benefit of vinyl is archway beads. While you are finishing curved soffit details, don't forget about the inside corners. Make quick work of finishing inside corners, while making bad framing look clean and crisp.

4. Magic Cornerff.jpg

Finishes inside corners that have the need to withstand movement and prevent cracks, ideal for vaults. Features a flexible center that provides up to 3/8" of expansion movement.

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